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Check out our monthly newsletter, The Lake View.  It is your source for inspirational and empowering articles, details on the latest events happening around PLLC, upcoming birthdays, recipes, health tips from our parish nurse and much much more!

Seeking Newsworthy Items

We are always seeking newsworthy items, suggestions or comments for our dedicated newsletter staff. We’d love to hear about:

  • Upcoming community events
  • Recap and photos from a recently held event
  • Stories of fellowship
  • A special blessing you’ve received
  • Have a special thank you to share?
  • Family news (i.e. new jobs, retirement, engagements, marriages, babies and even recently lost loved ones)
  • Favorite recipe – we know you have several
  • Book Reviews
  • Short stories or poems

or maybe you have some thoughts or ideas on

  • Ways to improve our building & grounds
  • How to grow our membership
  • Fundraising
  • Comments on Sunday worship, fellowship, or our popular Praise Service

If you have ideas please email,

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