The Grip that Cannot Let Go

Speaker: | April 17, 2016

We all are numbered:  governments, banks, credit card companies give us numbers. When we seek information or have questions to ask, we must give the appropriate number, only then will you will be called by...


The Fragrance of Love

Speaker: | March 13, 2016

When our sister Irene was under hospice care in her home, the nurse came one day with a gift. It was a small, hand-sewn quilt with beautifully blended colors. Volunteers for the Hospice organization make...


The Kissing Father

Speaker: | March 06, 2016

The boy’s behavior was atrocious. It was during a week at Bible Camp and this young man was disrespectful toward the camp staff. He mocked the activities; he would sneer at me and not pay...


We Are Called To Be Holy

Speaker: | November 01, 2015

Sermon for November 1      Every Friday morning on the TODAY show weatherman Al Roker announces a Sunday night NFL Football match-up. It is often done with special sound effects to create the usual hype...