Sermons by Rev. John Kuziej


The Authority of Jesus

Speaker: | January 29, 2021

  Sermon for January 31, 2021 +++++++      It seems it is on the news every night. We see pictures of the new President signing executive orders. A few days ago he had a whole...


January 17, 2021 Sermon

Speaker: | January 20, 2021

Sermon for January 17, 2021 +++++++      Years ago a member of the congregation was disgusted with a sermon I delivered. Her disgust focused on one word I said: prostitute. It is truly a troubling...


Christmas Cannot be Canceled

Speaker: | January 01, 2021

Sermon for December 27, 2020 +++++++      “Christmas Eve is the Super Bowl for our choir”, so said the Music Director of St. James Catholic Church in Louisville, Ky. This is a large parish with...